What is titanium ?

What is titanium ?


Purification The purification of titanium takes much time more than iron.
Titanium ore is suppoesd to reserved mostly in China, Russia and Austraria. Only a few countries can purify it because of its difficulty of purification. Followings are the procedures of titanium purification.


Physical properties

1. Light specific gravity of 4.51 (some 60% of steel)
2. High melting point of 1,688℃
3. Small coefficient of thermal expansion (half of stainless steel)
4. Small coefficient of thermal conductivity (nearly equal to stainless steel)
5. High electrical residence
6. 6. Low young modules of 10,800 (kgf/mm2) (half of steel)

Corrosion resistance

The passsive coating of titainum helps its corrosion resistance on the surface
It has excellent corrosion resisitance with Gas, Alkali, inorganic acid,and chroid.
You should test before applying any chemicals to titanium products.

Here in Japan, pure titanium is classified into 4 classes, softest and high purity one is Class 1. Class 60(6Al 4V alloy) is generally applied for aerocfafts, very hard to machining, therefore less yield of production is know as the problems.
15-3-3-3 Beta titanium alloy is the superior to 6AL 4V titanium alloy in cold working, though the hardness is almost the same


Titanium is not so hard as you imagine.
For HV; JIS Class1 <110 JIS Class2 110-155 JIS Class60 >280

machining process

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