Our Technologies:3D printing for Metal products

Three dimentional laminating device by electron beam

3D printing for Metal products

Processing the surface
of our 3D printer(x250) ▼

Processing the surface
of the other
3D printer (x250) ▶

Advanced technology for metal processing By using our 3D laminating device, enables to create the complicated shapes, reduce the cost, too
Under developing the products with high performance metal alloy, such as heat resistance alloy.

High Quality Rarely seen any hollows after polishing
the surface. It has a great advantage of
its hardness and shortening of
polishing prosess.

Any shape you want Send us your inquiry with elevation view drawing.
3D CAD DATA(IGES/ STL file) needed when ordering

*** Specification *** Maxium size : 200x200x340mm
Material : Ti Grade5
Thickeness over 0.5mm
Sample : Available

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