Laser cutting

We offer cutting service with our cutting-edge fiber laser technology.
Free shape and precise laser cutting
Fast and smooth laser cutting of difficult-to-cut titanium material

CAD(DXF) data is welcome.

Laser cutting

Sample inquiry
・ Maximum size: 1,000 x 2,000 (mm)
・ Available material: Please feel free to ask.
・ Sample: Available for your trial production
・ Small lot is welcome.

You can use blank space as efficently as possible.

▲ Optical temple sample

▲ Optical temple sample

Optical temple sample ▶


Do you face such kind of problems ?

Coplicated designing cutting bar

・Expensive in cost ・Long time cutting ・Unavailabe second process

◀ Swaging sample B

▼ Swaging sample C

▼ Swaging sample A

Swaging sample E ▶

Swaging sample D ▲

Your solution by swaging

Swaging is special technology by forging and extending material.

Swaging Swaging

We offer final or approximate shape according to the drawing.

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