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  • Wire (Coil)
    Wire (Coil)

    Dimension tolerance is +/-0.02 (mm).

  • Wire (Profile)
    Wire (Profile)

    Apply our profiles for the optical parts and watch bands

  • Wire (Bar)
    Wire (Bar)

    Having the superior linearity of our Bars helps reducing your loss at processing..

  • Sheet
    Wire (Coil)

    Our titan sheet has smooth surface and no bend

  • Tape
    Wire (Profile)

    Ask for the size of hoops.(thickenss and width)

  • Optical parts
    Medical Medical

    We can offer you the pieces of temples , hinges etc.

  • Screw / Bolt / Spring
    Wearable Wearable

    Why not try titanium fastners? We can help you .

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